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Aboard the ship Advenna Avis in 1711, a group of sorcerers mobilize a demon in the hopes of getting eternal life. The demon offers them a potion of everlasting life as well as the method of ending their presence, by "devouring" each other, and grants the summoner Maiza Avaro the formula of the potion. Maiza and also most of the sorcerers make a decision that no one else needs to become never-ceasing; only Szilard Quates opposes. That evening, the sorcerers begin to disappear, devoured by Szilard. Realizing the threat postured by staying together, they scatter across the globe.
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In New York City throughout November 1930, Szilard succeeds in recreating the elixir, just to have it stolen by young criminal Dallas Genoard. The elixir constantly walks around the city as a result of Dallas, with the 3 mafiosi Gandor bros, both idiotic burglars Isaac Dian as well as Miria Harvent, as well as Maiza's protege Firo Prochainezo as well as their Camorra family, the Martillo, all passing it around. Szilard makes Dallas an incomplete immortal (significance he still ages) to recover the elixir. Nevertheless, all other events mistakenly take in the elixir, misinterpreting it for alcohol, at a celebration for Firo. Firo falls in love with Szilard's immortal homunculus Ennis, who betrays Szilard by telling Firo ways to devour Szilard, which he does. The Gandor after that cement Dallas to a barrel at the bottom of the Hudson River to penalize him for killing Gandor participants.

In late 1931, the Gandor fight the Runorata family members for control of the exact same location after a brand-new medicine surfaces. In an attempt to resolve the circumstance, Good luck Gandor asks his adoptive bro Claire Stanfield, a crazed assassin, to take a trip to New york city. Claire agrees to as well as boards the transcontinental train the Traveling Pussyfoot, on which he functions as a conductor. The train is pirated by the Russo and also Lemure gangs, that are trying to kidnap a senator's family members, as well as a battle takes place in between the two gangs. At the same time, Jacuzzi Splot, Nice Holystone as well as their gang effort to secure the travelers as well as battle the hijackers, while Claire thinks the identity of the Rail Tracer, a monster that eats train passengers, as well as slaughters a lot of the Russo as well as the Lemure, just to effectively propose to one of the Lemure, Chane Laforet, who is a daughter of immortals. The last staying members of the Lemure are ultimately beat by Jacuzzi's gang, while vicious killer Ladd Russo is jailed as well as loses his arm to Claire. At the very same time, Ennis writes to Isaac and also Miria, inviting them to Manhattan. The duo boards the very same train and fulfills Jacuzzi, as well as unsuspectingly guide never-ceasing Czeslaw Meyer from establishing sinister acts by deserting offering a series of homemade bombs indicated for Runoratas to counter the Gandors.

The train arrives in New Year 1932 with the survivors going their different methods: Jacuzzi as well as Good breaking away protection and also enter into concealing after their main office in Chicago was taken over by the Russo household; info collector Rachel returns to the Daily Days primarily unharmed; Isaac as well as Miria present Czes to the Martillo family members and also is ultimately embraced by Firo as well as Ennis, who later on marry, as the latter's sibling; and Claire begins his goal to eradicate the adversaries of his adoptive brothers, suggesting his intents to find Chane as well as marry her after the work is done.

Later that year Dallas' sis Eve searches for Dallas, putting her at odds with Good luck. These stories included the Daily Days Information Details company and also the Runorattas' medicine story with Begg, a drug abuser immortal alchemist colleague of Maiza's intruding Gandor lawn through his miracle medicines, testing it on innocent spectators consisting of a boy called Roy Maddock. Eventually Eve is caught up in the grass battle entailing medicines with the Runoratta household and also Gandors, the ramifications of the lawn war impacting 2 enthusiasts: Gandor speakeasy waitress Edith and her sweetheart, exposed to be Roy. The orgasm of the dispute causes Luck secretly informing Eve where Dallas is to save her from bloodshed, and also with Claire's assistance, the grass battle finishes with bittersweet results for Edith as well as Roy now associated with the Gandors till they complete the debt they put together in the story albeit in better terms.

Eventually, Dallas is taken out of the river, but soon after, he is abducted by the Larvae, a team benefiting Huey Laforet. On the other hand, Jacuzzi's operations begin to encroach on Gandor as well as Martillo lawn. Agents (Ronnie Schiatto, Ennis and also Tick Jefferson) from both groups converge on Eve's residence, where his gang is remaining in addition to Isaac and Miria. At the very same time, the Larvae arrive to employ Jacuzzi's aid; they have kidnapped Dallas to show that eternal life is possible, and also attempt to convince Jacuzzi right into join them. Somewhere else in 1933 New York, Mist Wall, the biggest branch office of the armed forces equipment researcher as well as programmer Nebula, is bombed as according to Huey's strategies with the help of Lamia, an additional intrigue of homunculus made by him.

The following year in 1934 at Alcatraz Island, Ladd befriends Firo, that was mounted for a public battle, as well as Isaac, who was finally captured for his burglaries, as well as they fulfill Chane's never-ceasing papa Huey, that was accuseded of treason as well as conspiracy years ago with association to the Lemures to name a few terrorist acts. Meanwhile, Christopher Shouldered, Huey's homunculus, and Graham Specter, Ladd's loyal fan, trigger a full blast war in Chicago with different battles enacted by the Lamia and Russo family. Afterwards, Jacuzzi and also his gang go back to Chicago while Ladd tries to kill Huey and fails thanks to the initiatives of Isaac and Firo nonetheless the scuffle led to Huey's eye taken with the help of Lamia operative Sham, a homunculus that can take over one's awareness by call with his body through water. The homunculus group Lamia (associated with Larvae, the group formerly come across by the actors) create problem for the Russo family while this takes place. Numerous of the Lamia join their pressures and also others split for other purposes, especially Christopher joining with the Russo family members to shield their beneficiary named Ricardo Russo in addition to Lamia participant Sickle as well as Graham Spector. Isaac is eventually released from Alcatraz along with Firo. Placido Russo, Ricardo's grandfather and also Ladd's uncle, is at some point turned never-ceasing and eaten by Nebula scientist Renee for his failure in quiting the rampage of Chicago, causing Ricardo inheriting the criminal offense family members.

The remainder of the story focuses of an even older intrigue of Immortals led by Huey's coach and also former enthusiast, Renee Paramedes Branvillier detailed their partnership with the 1711 immortals from the 1700s till the later 1930s as well as just how the corporation Nebula entails themselves against the other criminal activity family members by allying themselves with Senator Beriam, that has an animosity against the immortals and also desires to rid the globe of them. One certain immortal named Melvi targets Firo in 1935 by jeopardizing Ennis in order to draw out the memories of Szilard Quaites by consuming Firo, uninformed that his bodyguard is Claire Stanfield, causing his defeat. Later, Renee remains to seek Huey by trying to redeem Chane for an objective which put her up in arms with Claire that plans to wed their daughter. As of this writing, the problem appears to stay unresolved.

In 2001, Maiza and a few immortals appear in a country European community to apprehend a fellow alchemist and also never-ceasing Elmer C. Albatross, that had actually been masquerading as a devil and was locked up by the locals. They reveal an age old conspiracy describing the beginnings of water homunculi from the 1930s (Sham and Leeza Laforet, sibling of Chane) as well as placing a quit the experiments on the people that had been ongoing in the town as they continued to be uninformed of Szilard Quaite's death for almost the staying century, his descendant Bild Quaites later on comes across the immortals as well as discloses the horrific keys of the village. Phil and Felt Nebil, homunculi resulting from Szilard's experiments are consequently without the village and permitted to wander the planet, winding up in New york city after the ordeal.

In 2002, a cult called SAMPLE introduces a heist to replicate the Flying Pussyfoot case by means of a twin cruise liner called Exit and Entry just to be warded off by Claire Stanfield as well as Chane Laforet's offspring, Claudia as well as Charon Walken with Jaccuzi Splot and also Nice Holystone's descendant, Bobby Splot in addition to his gang with unsuspecting assistant from another intrigue called Mask Makers led by Huey's offspring Luchino B. Campanella. It is eventually exposed that Czes's browbeater Fermet is in truth the mastermind as well as overall villain of the series after Szilard Quaites.

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