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When the Little Red-Haired Woman moves right into his community, Charlie Brown ends up being fixated with her, though concerns his long-running touch of failures will certainly prevent her from discovering him. After Lucy tells him he should attempt being more positive, Charlie Brown chooses to launch a collection of new activities in hope of locating one that will certainly get the Little Red-Haired Lady to discover him. His initial effort is to take part in the school's skill program with a magic act and also Snoopy helps in addition to Woodstock. Nevertheless, when Sally's act fails, Charlie Brown sacrifices his time for her, then rescues his sibling from being embarrassed, although he humiliates himself in return. Charlie Brown consequently decides to thrill the Little Red-Haired Lady with dancing skills, so he enrolls in the college dancing and also obtains Snoopy to teach him all his finest actions. At the dance, Charlie Brown starts to draw in praise for his skills, however after that he slips and also triggers the lawn sprinkler, causing the dancing to be stopped as well as all the other pupils to look down upon him once more.
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Later, Charlie Brown is partnered with the Little Red-Haired Girl to create a publication file. In the beginning, he is thrilled to have an opportunity to be with her, however she is called away for a week to take care of a family disease, leaving Charlie Brown to create the file all by himself. Intending to excite both the Little Red-Haired Lady and his educator, Charlie Brown creates his file on the collegiate-level novel Battle and also Peace. At the same time, Charlie Brown finds he is the only trainee to get a perfect rating on a standard test. His close friends as well as the other pupils congratulate him, and also his appeal begins to climb. When he visits approve a medal at a school assembly, nevertheless, he finds out more the test papers are mistakenly mixed up and the ideal rating actually belongs to Pepper mint Patty; Charlie Brown decreases the medal, shedding all his new-found popularity. His publication report is later on ruined by a Red Baron version aircraft, and he confesses to the Little Red-Haired Woman he has actually triggered them to both fall short the task.

Before leaving college for the summer, Charlie Brown is amazed when the Little Red-Haired Lady selects him for a pen pal. Linus encourages Charlie Brown he has to tell the Little Red-Haired Girl how he feels regarding her before she leaves for the summer. Racing to her home, he uncovers she will leave on a bus for summer season camp. He attempts to chase the bus, yet is stopped from reaching it. Just as he is about to quit, believing the whole world protests him, Charlie Brown sees a kite autumn from the Kite-Eating Tree, as well as the string becomes knotted around his waistline and sails away with him. Impressed to see Charlie Brown flying a kite, his pals comply with.

After getting to the bus, Charlie Brown finally asks the Little Red-Haired Lady why she has chosen him despite his failures. The Little Red-Haired Lady discusses she admires his selflessness and his determination and applauds him as a sincere, caring, as well as caring individual. The two guarantee to write to one another; Charlie Brown's friends reach him as well as crowd around to praise him before selecting him up on their shoulders and lugging him away at the end of the movie, finally approving him as a real buddy.

In a side tale, after finding a typewriter in the institution dumpster, Snoopy decides to write an unique about the World War I Flying Ace, aiming to save Fifi from the Red Baron with Woodstock as well as his good friends' assistance. He winds up acting out his journey literally, drawing himself throughout a line of lights and also picturing it as a rope throughout a busted bridge, he discovers Charlie Brown and also the gang several times in the process. Snoopy getting rids of the Red Baron and also saves Fifi from an airplane. When Lucy completes reading, she calls it the dumbest story she has actually ever before checked out, so Snoopy throws the typewriter at her punitive and also licks her face, triggering her to flee in disgust.

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