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Children of Heaven (Persian: بچه های آسمان, Bacheha-ye Aseman) is a 1997 Iranian family members drama movie written as well as routed by Majid Majidi. It handles a bro and sis as well as their journeys over a lost set of footwears. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Ideal Foreign Language Film in 1998.
The film begins with Ali bring his little sibling Zahra's pink footwears after a cobbler has fixed them. He leaves them neglected to buy some potatoes. While he is pre-occupied, a homeless guy picks up the shoes, concealed in a bag, thinking it was garbage and takes them away. Agitated to discover them, the young child assuming the shoes fell behind the dog crates overturns plates of veggies and is repelled by the grocer.
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Ali's family stays in an inadequate South Tehran neighbourhood, and are having monetary problem, so he fears to tell his parents regarding the mishap. The property owner asserts with Ali's mother since she is five months behind on the lease, as well as the grocer has not been paid in a while either. Ali tells Zahra about the shoes and pleads her not to inform their mommy; she agrees. That evening, Ali's father scolds him for not assisting his ill mommy when she asked. While the brother or sisters were doing their homework, they passed notes to every other reviewing just what to do. They develop a system to discuss Ali's Reverse tennis shoes: Zahra will wear them to school in the early morning and also return them to Ali at noontime so he could participate in mid-day courses. Ali succeeds on a test and also his educator honors him a gold-colored pen with the others in his course that obtained great qualities; he offers it to Zahra to partially offset missing her shoes. Nevertheless, the unpleasant setup between him and his sibling leads to Ali being late three times in a row, despite how hard he runs; the first time the primary overlooks him, the second time he provides him a caution, the third time he tells Ali to leave and return with his papa who is at job trying to earn money. Ali's instructor seeing Ali's rips convinces the principal that Ali is at the top of his class and to provide the boy another opportunity and also allow him back into course.

One day, Zahra notices her missing pink shoes on one more pupil, Roya's, feet. After course, Zahra covertly follows Roya residence. She later brings Ali with her for a confrontation, yet from hiding, they discover that Roya's daddy, the garbageman, is blind, so they make a decision to leave. When Roya does well in her research studies, her dad purchases her brand-new blue shoes and also gets rid of Zahra's. Zahra is puzzled when she figures out from her new good friend.

Ali's father, distressed to gain even more money, obtains some gardening tools as well as avoids with Ali to the abundant suburban areas of North Tehran to locate some gardening work. They attempt many places without success, though Ali verifies to be a fantastic assistance to his tongue-tied papa. Lastly, they bump into a mansion where a six-year-old kid named Alireza lives under the care of his grandpa. While Ali plays with Alireza, his dad functions. When he is completed, Ali's papa marvels and also elated by just how charitable the grandfather is. En route residence, Ali states in passing that Zahra might use a new pair of shoes; his dad says that new footwears for his youngsters is a good idea, nonetheless, their elation is brief lived as their bicycle's brakes fail and the father is hurt in the resulting accident.

Finally, Ali discovers of a prominent children's 4 kilometer footrace involving numerous schools; the 3rd prize is one week at a trip camp as well as a pair of tennis shoes. Ali sees this as his opportunity to gain a new pair of footwears for Zahra. To his bitter frustration, in a hard-fought dashboard to the coating, he inadvertently positions initial instead. Ali returns home where Zahra is waiting for him. Nevertheless, before he could reveal to his sister his disappointment in his positioning in the race, she is called away by their mom. In a separate scene, there is a fast shot of the kids's papa's bicycle as he's riding house, revealing a pair of white and a pair of pink shoes among his purchases. In the final shot, Ali is dejected as his sneakers are torn from the race-- he is after that presented to dipping his bare blistered feet in a swimming pool.

Some versions include an epilogue revealing that Ali at some point accomplishes success in a racing job.
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